Tui Fly Vakantie Verzoek

All competitors in the holiday market are talking to the same people.

We decided to take a different approach and focus on the youngest members of the family.

Kids have a say when it comes to holiday destinations.

A mobile website that allows kids to persuade their parents to go on holiday to their favourite destination.


How does it work?

Step 1
The mobile website will ask kids if they are logged into the home network. 

Step 2
Kids select their favorite TUI Fly holiday destinations.

Step 3
They upload a picture with a personal message for their parents. 

Step 4
The tool creates a banner, that with the use of Dynamic IP Retargeting shows the banner to family members on the same address. 


When kids use the website tool, we use their IP address to retarget their own made banners to the rest of the family in the house. This way a usually annoying banner, becomes a playful message. 


Awarded with Gold
Young Dutch Creatives